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  • More Devices, Every Platform

    VMC is continually growing our inventory of leading VR hardware, including Oculus, Gear VR, Vive, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, and the latest VR devices. Combining these devices with our huge hardware library enables VMC to create the broadest range of test plans in order to make sure your VR games and applications perform well on the widest range of mobile devices and PC configurations.


    Immersion Testing

    Building an engaging virtual world takes more than creativity – it requires consistent performance through the entire experience. VMC’s immersion testing identifies controller issues, confirms all menus and UI elements are legible, and tests latency for head-tracking and visual feedback. Our experienced testers provide extensive feedback and make recommendations to improve game engagement and alert you to areas where VR immersion was limited.


    Motion Sickness Assessment

    Motion sickness can have an immediate impact on a user’s enjoyment with your experience, so we assemble our test teams with individuals who have a range of sensitivity to motion sickness. We track how long testers played the game before experiencing nausea, identify areas with increased incidence of motion sickness, and, for PCs, verify 90 FPS per eye in all areas of the product to ensure smoother motion for a better experience.


    QA tailored for:

    Virtual Reality

    Augmented Reality

    Because VR/AR introduces new hardware configurations, fully immersive content, and geolocation considerations, it’s essential that your QA strategy be tailored for new realities.

    VMC ensures your VR and AR products deliver the quality experience your users expect.

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