End-to-end testing for consistent performance across platforms, configurations, and geographies

Functional Testing

VMC offers a variety of functional QA (FQA) services, including load, stress, and usability testing, reporting, and defect management to ensure that products function in accordance with their specifications. Testing is available for products ranging from games and gaming consoles, to mobile, hardware, software, connected devices, IoT, and cloud services.

Compatibility Testing

Hardware, software, and connectivity-specific compatibility testing protocols across more than 450 device types and 5,000 unique system configurations at our industry-leading, North American labs ensure your products interact properly with an extensive range of game consoles, platforms, peripherals, and other hardware so that every user has the same optimized experience.

Interoperability Testing

Determination of whether the end-to-end functionality between communicating software components and systems is functioning as designed by focusing on risk-based testing and verifying adherence to first-party standards. This ensures that products perform optimally across the entire range of required configurations, whether console game titles or IoT sensors across distributed networks.

Compliance Testing

Compliance testing to ensure platform, operating system, and manufacturer requirements are met, including IoT systems for the Open Connectivity Foundation, hardware and driver testing for use of the Microsoft Windows logo, and Xperia testing for Sony Mobile devices. Services include complete assessments designed to help facilitate a first time pass.

Live Service QA

Verify sustained functionality of the product and all related systems in a live, post-launch environment, including acceptance testing that accounts for all of the release candidate’s intended fixes and new content, upgrade testing to ensure updates made to the live version are functioning, support for Beta programs and full deployments.

Testing Automation

Test automation framework, component, and script development for regression testing, stress and load testing, performance testing, repeated executions and other processes for Games, PC, Mobile, and Web platforms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of QA processes. Services include defining requirements, writing test plans, build evaluations, validations, and related coding.

Global Beta Test Network

Test your games using an exclusive community of 18,000 players worldwide to help ensure launch success. GBTN combines the best of open beta, private network, and facility-based testing to provide structured testing in a true retail environment at global scale


VMC is a proud participant in Intel’s Testing Suite Program. This global initiative aims to provide support for developers eager to optimize their games and take advantage of cutting-edge Intel HD and Intel Iris graphics. To ensure you achieve your vision with Intel, VMC provides robust and proven quality insurance testing alongside expert customer service.

With access to Intel seeded hardware, VMC can ensure your games are tested on the latest cutting edge Intel devices. Using Intel’s proprietary tools, VMC provides extensive benchmark testing to ensure you know exactly how your game performs across a variety of configurations. VMC and Intel can take your game’s performance to the next level. With our proven QA best practices and state-of-the-art testing facilities, you get the flexibility and freedom to establish your brand while providing high-quality gaming experience for your players.