Automation frameworks developed to improve your QA process efficiency and effectiveness

Improve Testing Efficiency

Development of automation framework components, tools, and scripts for products across game console, PC, mobile, IoT, and web platforms. Services include defining test requirements, writing test plans and test cases from user stories, build verification tests and evaluations, automated test validation, and workflow integration with jira to automatically create issues based on results.

The Advantages of Automation
  • Replaces repetitive tasks with computer-run, repeatable processes
  • Delivers results faster and more reliably than manual execution
  • Extends testing to additional platforms without increasing cost
  • Allows customized functionality based on client requirements
  • Runs Build Verification Tests or software without user intervention
  • Permits ongoing integrations to enable a continuous builds
Opportunities for Testing Automation

Regression Testing: Performing tests on existing content that passed tests in previous builds


Stress/Load Testing: Simulating thousands of concurrent users or increasing load until failure


Performance Testing: Measuring speed, efficiency, and responsiveness


Repeated Execution: Replacing repetitive manual tasks with computer-run, repeatable scripts

Manual-to-Automated Example

Testing Automation for the World’s Most Innovative Brands