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    Ensuring your app performs on mobile devices, streaming sticks, and consoles is critical when developing streaming or over-the-top media. VMC works with some of the most popular media & entertainment companies in the world to ensure a captivating user experience on every targeted device and platform.


    How VMC supports your streaming app

    Dev Support

    The most popular streaming devices are game consoles. We’ll help you avoid common certification obstacles by augmenting your in-house development capabilities with our proven console certification expertise.

    Quality Assurance

    With one of the largest device inventories in the industry, VMC’s functional, compatibility, and certification services ensure your app performs flawlessly across all current and recent mobile devices, smart TVs, connected TV devices, tablets, and VR headsets.


    VMC’s end-to-end localization services give your brand a consistent voice across your apps, websites, audio, art assets, and more. We use native speakers in over 100 languages and dialects to customize your content for every region you want to reach.

    Viewer Support

    VMC improves viewer experiences and promotes deeper product involvement through multi-channel technical support (phone, email, chat, web) and end-to-end billing solutions for all of your subscription platforms.


    Deliver an Excellent Streaming Experience

    Your customers have a lot of viewing options, and this makes delivering a consistent, quality streaming experience critical to maximizing your return on investment. VMC provides assurance that your app will entertain your audience on all of their devices, wherever they’re watching.

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