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    VMC’s end-to-end QA services ensure your product performs as designed. Our deep expertise testing devices, platforms, and the connectivity between the two enables you to consistently deliver the superior user experience your customers expect. Our scalable, strategic QA solutions allow your test configurations to include mobile, software, hardware, connected devices, IoT, cloud services, and any other emerging technologies.

  • End-to-End QA Services


    VMC identifies performance issues and incompatibilities with your app, game, or software across all targeted devices, platforms, hardware configurations and operating systems.

    Functional Testing

    VMC provides black-box testing on your product to ensure the implemented functionality is free of defects and consistent with your intended design.


    VMC tests your product’s adherence to first-party certification requirements while providing assessments to help facilitate a first time pass.


    VMC’s software development engineers improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your QA process by creating and running scripts that perform repetitive or time-consuming tests.

    Gray Box

    VMC executes accelerated testing by bypassing end-user flow or progression to verify systems and scenarios are behaving correctly.


    VMC conducts qualitative feedback sessions utilizing our diverse group of genre subject matter experts based on your target demographic.


    Compatibility QA Services

    Our unrivaled inventory of hardware and accessories enables us to assemble more than 5,000 unique system configurations. We ensure your games or applications run and interact properly with an extensive range of game consoles, platforms, peripherals, and other hardware. Our approach to compatibility QA includes functional testing on a variety of browsers, hardware, and operating systems. We also provide browser/hardware compatibility testing across an extensive range of consumer PCs and Macs, including all supported versions of their respective operating systems.

    VMC’s full-range of compatibility testing and QA ensures every user has the same optimized experience on every system they use.

    PC Compatibility

  • Functionality QA and Usability Testing

    VMC provides a wide range of functional QA (FQA) services, including testing, reporting, and defect management. Functionality testing typically includes a usability component, including user experience (UX) testing. We offer manual and automated, scripted and ad-hoc, and regression testing. We ensure that games and applications function in accordance with their specification and design documents. We also perform FQA and UX testing on mobile and online games and applications.

  • Global Beta Test Network

    GBTN is VMC's exclusive, private community that enables testing in real-world situations. VMC collaborates with you to create a specific test plan, and our Beta Coordinators and Community Managers then coordinate the GBTN community network for simultaneous login and testing. We compile and filter all useable test data and feedback from the GBTN community to provide you with the relevant, essential information you need to determine your readiness for release.


  • Any device.

    Any platform.

    Any OS.


    Our expertise testing devices, platforms, and the connectivity between the two enables you to deliver a superior user experience. Our flexibility allows your test configurations to include mobile, software, hardware, connected devices, IoT, cloud services, games, and any other emerging technologies.

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