• Deliver the Best Mobile Experience on Every Device

    What's the potential cost of a few bugs or crashes? If you're a mobile app developer, it can mean a string of bad reviews and the end of a promising idea and a future revenue stream. From development to porting to LQA, VMC provides clients with the confidence that their app will deliver as promised, regardless of the platform, device, or language of their users.

    Mobile Games Testing

    A mobile game isn't entertaining when it fails to meet its potential. Our cutting-edge facilities provide live device testing solutions tailored specifically to your title. Your users don't use emulators and remote devices, and neither does VMC. Whether you're launching an update, a new level, or a whole new game, we leverage our extensive console game experience to deliver state-of-the-art mobile QA processes.

    Mobile App Testing

    From device failure to network delays, we understand the challenges associated with testing and optimizing mobile app performance. Our professional application testers run programs through every possible scenario, from interrupt testing to device connectivity – then create test plans (or use, adapt, or update yours) that ensure your app's full functionality from day one.

    Compatibility Testing

    Whether you're developing for iOS®, Android™, or Windows® phones, device fragmentation can be a major issue for time-crunched developers. VMC uses market analytics to concentrate your development plan on the devices most used by your audience – then, working with one of the largest smartphone inventories in the industry, we make sure it works on every compatible OS.

    Translation Services

    By paying close attention to regional dialects, colloquialisms, jargon, tone, formality, and cultural nuances, VMC does more than just translate your content – we make sure it conveys your original intent. With a team of more than 400 native speakers translating content in more than 40 languages, our processes are continually updated to stay current with the latest innovations in translation tools and techniques.

    Localization & LQA

    Localization goes beyond translation – and so do we. From identifying contextual issues to preventing text overruns, VMC ensures a custom-built app experience for users around the globe. Native speakers lead our localization teams at every stage of the process, specializing in mobile app and games terminology to ensure that your content remains clear, no matter the language. With our comprehensive LQA and localization services, you can rest easy knowing that your mobile app looks consistent from one region to the next.

    Global Beta Test Network (GBTN)

    Sometimes stress-testing your app in a secure lab simply isn't enough. With access to thousands of synchronized testers on mobile networks around the world, our innovative Global Beta Test Network ensures your app's performance on a broad range of devices and mobile networks. Need to make sure your app works on a specific mobile network? Need to gauge the real-time impact of Singapore's rush-hour commute on your app? We have you covered.

    Usability Testing

    Most users decide whether to keep or delete a mobile app within the first five minutes of downloading. To help ensure the success of your app, VMC brings teams of target demographic users together to provide genuine feedback on your title.

    AQuA Testing Program

    VMC is an approved test house for the App Quality Alliance (AQuA), an online directory of mobile applications that meet a certain quality standard preferred by AQuA members (including AT&T, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, Samsung, and Sony Mobile).

    Xperia™ Testing Program

    VMC is the exclusive provider of Xperia certification testing, ensuring that mobile apps in the Sony family meet the expectations of device end-users.

    App developers face unique circumstances in accounting for limited real estate, bandwidth, and CPU while negotiating device-specific challenges (e.g., accelerometers, GPS, rear cameras). VMC consults on projects both large and small, running through functionality, connectivity, and interrupt scenarios to provide a fully operational title on all supported devices.