• No one is more serious about delivering a great game experience than VMC

    Effective QA, Localization, and Live Game Operations can impact the Player Experience of your game as much as the game's design. You and your team want to focus on what you're good at – growing the game's player base even further by adding more great content – so how can you also manage essential tasks like QA for updates, Localization for global markets, and Live Game Operations for supporting your online community?

    VMC's fully-scalable teams efficiently manage your day-to-day Production Operations Support so that you can focus on the development, marketing, and monetization of your titles. Our unrivaled experience across clients, genres, and devices enables us to provide the expertise and transparency of an in-house team of specialists combined with the flexibility and value of an outsourcing partner. VMC's proven, multi-service expertise includes:

    Lab Testing

    Customer loyalty depends on game reliability, so we offer comprehensive in-house testing for functionality, compatibility, compliance, certification, and usability in our secure, dedicated onshore and near-shore facilities. Our experienced test teams blend hands-on play, efficient automation, and relevant reporting to deliver actionable data about your game's performance.

    Global Beta Test Network

    VMC's exclusive Global Beta Test Network (GBTN) is a private, global community of thousands of beta testers that enables us to test your game in live-play situations for stress, usability, connection, match-making, and client-customized performance checks. Our teams compile and filter all test data and feedback from the GBTN community to provide you with the information you need to determine your readiness for release. We take every possible action to protect your IP while delivering the assurance of effective global beta testing.
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    A great game should be great no matter where it's played. VMC's end-to-end solutions – including translation, audio, Localization, QA, and full integration – features native speakers at all stages of the localization process with contextual review by other native speakers from our deep network of in-country and in-house translators.
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    Live Game Operations

    Increase control of your player's user experience and interaction with scalable Live Game Operations (LGO) services. VMC provides multi-channel expertise and support via phone, web, email, and social media to address player account support, in-game assistance, community management and moderation, eSports services, and more.
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    PC Compatibility

    One of the biggest challenges in PC game development is accounting for system variety among your users. Whatever your genre, whatever your game engine, your title will be played on everything from high-end systems to those that barely meet the minimum system requirements – and your QA process needs to anticipate this.
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    Increase the Power of Your Production Process

    Game quality and time to market can be compromised by the knowledge transfer process. The complexity of utilizing multiple vendors not only slows your development process, it increases your management time and reduces accuracy. Combining these services with VMC increases efficiency and accelerates your release. Your title can be lab-tested, localized, and beta-tested with our worldwide network, and all known issues can be captured in a Knowledge Base which is then deployed to the LGO Support teams.
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    Your players have high expectations for your game and your brand. To learn how VMC's Development and Production Support Team can ensure your company consistently meets those expectations, call us at +1 425 558 7700.