• VMC Makes Sure Your Products Deliver on Their Promise

    In the competitive consumer products market, word of mouth can give a huge boost to the popularity of your product – unless your customers are giving bad reviews. The key to controlling how people talk about your products (and your brand) is to make sure customers worldwide have an excellent user experience. VMC provides comprehensive QA expertise to ensure your products deliver on their promise.

    VMC provides proven QA expertise for a broad range of consumer products including phones, tablets, computers, peripherals, home entertainment devices, game consoles, and the latest wearable technology.  Specific QA processes include:  

    Lab Testing

    Experienced QA teams collaborate with you to design test plans that accurately simulate how your products will be used by your customers. We offer a full range of standard, custom, and automated testing services including:

    • Test Strategy / Design
    • Integration
    • Functionality
    • Compliance
    • Compatibility
    • User Acceptance
    • Certification
    • Performance
    • Stress / Load
    • Usability
    • Regression
    • Security

    Environmental Testing

    Hardware that performs perfectly in ideal circumstances can fail in more challenging conditions. VMC's in-house environmental testing chamber enables device testing under extreme temperature and humidity conditions, and for wearable technology, our teams also rely on hands-on, real-world use.

    Translation and Localization

    Every user in every locale should have the same ease of interface with your product. Our in-country team of more than 450 native-speaking translators performs in-depth, on-device testing to ensure all UI elements are accurately translated and contextually appropriate in all key languages.

    Nothing compromises product quality like ineffective QA. Make sure your customers, everywhere, enjoy the user experience you designed.