Localization services for a consistent user experience across all languages and applications

Language Translations

Language translation services, including full-source text analysis to identify linguistic nuances before they are duplicated across multiple languages, and the creation of an asset database to manage ongoing updates, all completed by native speakers in all target markets to ensure a consistent brand experience for all of your customers worldwide.

Editing Services

Editing services that include product-specific style guides in each language to capture the unique tone of your content, as well as glossary creation to ensure the consistency of vocabulary and regional nuances from all linguists working on the project. Art asset development, modification, replacement for visual elements is also offered.

Audio Production

Audio script localization, casting, voiceovers, and production done in conjunction with a trusted set of studios and voiceover partners to ensure high-quality audio content. The process includes QA checks early in the production process that take into account linguistic nuances used in other written and visual forms within the product.

Localization QA

LQA identifies errors in current translations such as grammar, spelling, and context, as well as interface issues including onscreen text overlaps, audio translations that play at the wrong time, and fonts that are incompatible with a language, to ensure that localization works correctly in the context of the user experience.

Localization for the World’s Most Innovative Brands