• Speak to a Global Market with VMC’s Localization Services

    When you’re ready to bring your product to the world, VMC’s localization services provide a consistent global voice for your brand. Our comprehensive service solutions include:

    Pre-Production Planning: We streamline from the very beginning, performing a source text analysis to identify localization issues before they are duplicated across multiple languages

    Style Guide Creation: Product-specific style guides in each target language capture the specific tone and unique terminology of your content. These guides ensure consistent language, paying close attention to regional linguistic and cultural nuances.

    Glossaries: A high-quality glossary in each language serves as a reference tool for ensuring consistency of vocabulary, frequently repeated terms, and regional terminology from all of the linguists working on the project.

    Translation and Editing: In-country professional translators and editors accurately capture the intended meaning and nuance to provide culturally sensitive translations. In addition, we use computer-assisted translation software to break the text into segments and create a translation database that can be used for ongoing updates.

    Audio Services: VMC provides script localization, casting preparation, and QA checks early in the pre-production process. We work closely with trusted studios and voiceover partners to record high-quality audio content.

    Localization Quality Assurance (LQA): LQA identifies linguistic errors (grammar, spelling, context) and interface issues (onscreen text that overlaps, audio translations that play at the wrong time, fonts that are incompatible with a language) in order to deliver a consistent user experience.

    Art Assets: Our team applies the same localization expertise to your art assets, with the creative capabilities to modify, replace, and develop visual elements featured in the UI, marketing collateral, web content, and more.

    Localization Engineering: VMC’s experts can work with your development team to implement localization best practices to minimize bugs and confirm your code is ready for localization prior to translation.

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