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  • Everything Connected, Everything Communicating

    Connectivity has become a key feature in product design, and the race to be a leader in IoT has created a clear differentiator: Quality. Consumers aren’t looking for bells and whistles, they’re looking for products that add value and convenience to their lives. VMC makes sure your product does exactly that.

    We specialize in making sure your products effectively communicate with other connected devices, other APIs, and most importantly, with your customers. From confirming quality to increasing product engagement to analyzing user and support data, our services ensure your products deliver a great experience to your customers, all of the time.


    How VMC Supports IoT

    Development Support

    The power of a great product can be missed if the customer doesn’t know how to make it work for what they want to do. From UI that invited interaction to dashboards that reports relevant data, we can help you deliver products your customers want to use.

    Quality Assurance

    Delivering a consistent, high-quality product experience is critical for building deeper engagement with your customers, and that starts with comprehensive QA to ensure your product not only performs as designed, it also plays well with others.


    Even when a product communicates across the IoT, the most important factor is that it communicates with users. We leverage the linguistic and cultural expertise of native speakers in every target market to ensure your product connects with your customers worldwide.


    The entire IoT ecosystem offers endless opportunities to gather data about how consumers use your products, information that enables you to improve your design based on a data-driven understanding of your users' behavior.


  • Grow Your IoT Ecosystem Responsibly

    IoT Ecosystem


    Connected devices use optics, motion sensors, accelerometers, voice commands, and applications to create a compelling and enjoyable user experience.


    Once connected, the network enables sharing relevant metadata to drive deeper understanding of customer activity.


    A strong platform is surrounded by an ever-growing ecosystem of devices, sensors, and applications that wish to build on the platform to create innovative experiences.


    Customer feedback, through user-generated data and support, shapes the features that will make your products more effective and more popular.

    Data Analytics

    The value of metadata combined from the device, network, platform, and ecosystem is immeasurable. VMC's experience with data analytics extends to projects for the world's most innovative companies.

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