Hardware Testing & QA Services

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    VMC offers a full array of effective, efficient hardware testing that provides peace of mind that your product is prepared for every real-world situation. Our test-on-demand services deliver the customized QA you need without the investment required for building an in-house test team and facility, and scalable solutions mean you can get your product to market faster.

    Our QA specialists have extensive, multi-platform expertise on a broad range of hardware, operating systems, peripherals, and networking configurations. This experience enables us to quickly identify issues and improve your product. We generate and execute comprehensive test scenarios for an array of products and deliver deep-dive, actionable reporting of test results. Our services include:

    Third-Party Testing for Clients

    Scalable, secure testing of overall product performance, verification of compliance with client product specifications, and comprehensive integration testing in the broadest range of possible scenarios.

    General Device Testing

    Full-range testing services – integration, functional, qualification, configuration, stress, and benchmarking – performed across a full array of hardware, including hard drives, RAID cards, graphics cards, memory, sound cards, motherboards, CPUs, firmware, BIOS, workstation components, peripherals, and more.

    Environmental Chamber Testing

    Hardware that performs perfectly in ideal circumstances can fail in more challenging conditions. VMC’s stringent stress testing of hardware and batteries can be performed under extreme temperature and humidity conditions to confirm performance to specifications in any environment.

    Enterprise Storage Testing

    Hardware and software compatibility testing, test architecture, test harness architecture, root cause failure analysis, and automation of end-to-end test solutions, all performed by specialists with extensive industry expertise. VMC creates custom test harnesses per customer specifications to confirm the hardware will perform in any configuration.

    Hardware Compatibility Kit (HCK) Testing

    VMC performs driver and hardware testing specified by Microsoft to qualify hardware components for use of the Microsoft Designed for Windows logo. We expertly manage every stage of HCK testing from setting up the test environment all the way through package submission.

    Translation and Localization

    Our in-country team of more than 400 native-speaking translators working in 40 languages performs in-depth, on-device testing to make sure all UI elements are accurately translated and contextually appropriate.

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