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The Global Beta Test Network (GBTN)

What is the GBTN?

The Global Beta Test Network (GBTN) is a community comprised of gamers from around the world (ages 18+). We have been active since 2012, opening a window into real-world stress testing. We run projects throughout the year for game developers to verify that their game can connect multiple users from different regions and settings, within a controlled environment.

What is stress testing?

Stress testing is a form of deliberately intense testing used to determine the stability of a given system or entity, including:

  • To determine breaking points or safe usage limits
  • To confirm intended specifications are being met
  • To determine modes of failure (how exactly a system fails)
  • To test stable operation of a part or system outside standard usage
How large is the GBTN?

The GBTN is always growing and looking for new testers. Our community includes more than 25,000 testers from around the world.

Which platforms have you run programs on?

We’ve done projects on PS4, Xbox One, PC, mobile, and even VR/AR hardware.

Signing Up with GBTN

How do I apply?

Simply access the GBTN Application and follow the instructions to apply.

What is expected of me as a remote tester?
  • Always maintain your Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Arrive on time and remain for the duration of your scheduled session
  • Follow all instructions sent from your Moderator
  • Provide accurate reporting and feedback through the survey at the end of each session
  • Be respectful at all times
What kind of hardware do I need to participate?
  • The platform on which the title will be tested
  • A reliable method (PC, mobile, tablet) of accessing Discord to get real time instructions from leadership
  • A reliable method of filling out our test survey during the session
Are there any restrictions on applying to be a remote tester?

We only ask that you are able to follow instructions, are 18 years or older, and have the appropriate hardware to be eligible for our projects.

I applied, but haven't heard back yet. When will I get a confirmation email?

Within two weeks of submitting your application you will be sent a confirmation email, as long as you meet the criteria outlined above.

My application was received. Now what?

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be added to our GBTN Community. When a project for which you’re eligible is confirmed, you’ll receive an Availability email asking if you are available on the date of the test. Please note that confirming availability does not guarantee you will be selected. If you are selected, you will receive a Scheduling & Instructions email to confirm your participation in the project.

What should I do if I'm unable to attend one of my scheduled sessions?

Send an email to in the following format:

Subject: [GBTN Absence] Project Name, Test Session Date

How can I update or correct my profile information?

Please complete the Profile Update Request Form to request adding, removing, or updating any field of your Contact Details or Platform IDs.

How do I upload my DxDiag?

Once you are assigned a GBTN ID, you can go to our DxDiag Upload Portal and submit your DxDiag. Be sure you’re running the correct version (32-bit or 64-bit), as it defaults to checking the 32-bit version.

Note: The portal can only be used once your application has been received and you have been given your GBTN ID.

My computer isn't the latest technology. Should I still submit my DxDiag?

Testing is done on a variety of titles ranging from very low specs to high specs. Even if you have a lower end PC, you might still qualify for some of our PC projects. You lose nothing by submitting your DxDiag, but gain a chance to be a part of more projects. When uploading logs, be sure you’ve run the correct version (32-bit or 64-bit), as it defaults to gathering information from the 32-bit version. Please note that we only keep one DxDiag on file per profile; if you have more than one PC, we suggest only uploading the most powerful one.

I haven't heard from VMC in a while. What can I do?

First, check to make sure our emails haven’t been going into your spam/junk folders. If you still don’t see any emails from VMC, you can ask to have your data verified in our database by sending an email to in the following format:

Subject: [GBTN Profile] Data verification
Email Address Used to Register:
Tester ID:
Add any other information (PSN+ ID / XBox LIVE Gamertag / Steam Name / etc.) and make sure to clearly explain which data you would like us to verify.

How can I make sure I'm eligible for as many projects as possible?

Once you have gone through the application process and received your welcome email, you will be provided with additional surveys you can fill out to add mobile devices and VR hardware to your profile.

Getting Paid

How much will I be compensated?

Compensation is an hourly rate based on your region. All payments will be processed through PayPal approximately 45 days after project completion. Please note that a project is a collection of multiple test sessions for the same title.

What will I be compensated for?

You will be compensated for your scheduled test sessions that you have attended. Testing outside of test sessions or when you are not scheduled is not compensated.

When will I get an email from DDM?

Your first email from DDM will be sent when you are about to receive your first payment.

The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legally binding contract between you and VMC. By signing, you agree not to disclose any information whatsoever about the project, the titles, the developers, or any confidential information. VMC’s policy is to legally pursue all breaches of our NDA.

Who can I contact to report a breach of NDA?

If you witness or discover that confidential information was disclosed (an information security incident), it is your responsibility to report it immediately. You can do so by emailing and CCing Once reported, please do not discuss the incident with anyone unless instructed to do so. Do not attempt to interfere with anyone from reporting such incidents.

When is the NDA lifted?

When signing the NDA, you agree to use your best efforts to protect and not disclose any confidential or sensitive information both during and after your employment with VMC. This includes, but is not limited to, talking about any confidential information to your family and/or friends, discussing said information with a future employer, or posting the information for the public through social media or the internet. This means that no information about those tests can be shared, even after the game has been released.

Working for GBTN

What happens during a test session?
  • You will first receive an Availability email to determine if you are available to test on a specific time and date.
  • If you are selected from the pool of available testers, you will receive an email stating that you’ve been selected to participate in a specific test session.
  • Instructions on how to download the game are sent to you via email.
  • Tests are run using Discord for communication. You do not need to add the moderators as friends in Discord; they will be present on the server at the time of the test. Further information regarding the use of these communication platforms is included in our emails.
  • Once you receive the link to the Discord server prior to the test session, be sure to join as soon as possible.
  • Your moderator will provide instructions throughout the session.
  • At the end of the test session, complete the survey link from your moderator. Include as much relevant detail as possible in your survey response.

Each test session is run through Discord. The moderator will lead you through the session, providing directions and recording feedback. Attendance will be monitored through one or multiple attendance checks. You are responsible for joining the Discord server before the testing begins. Moderators may change between different projects and sessions, so please follow the instructions in the pre-session email outlining your assigned moderator for each test session.

How do I report issues during the test?

During each test session, all testers are provided with a feedback link. For bugs/issues, your assigned moderator will typically provide you with a template for reporting bugs specific to the test session.

How do I report issues using the post-test survey?

After the test sessions, we ask that you provide any additional reports you’ve written throughout the duration of the test via a post-test survey. The template below is intended for this survey; your moderator will provide a template to report issues in chat during the test.

When reporting an in-game bug, please include all of the information as organized in the template below:

  • [Textures/Crash/AI/Audio/UI/Menus]

[Type of Issue (Texture, Crash, AI, Audio, UI, Menu, etc.) – Time (hh:mm) – Summary]
Detailed explanation of issue
Step by step explanation of issue
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
… etc.

If the template is followed correctly, it should look like the following (with the amount of steps varying for each issue):

[Texture – 01:23 – Car clips through multiple assets at high speeds]

Car clips through geometry after being attacked in the southwestern part of the map.

  1. Have two users go to the South part of the map
  2. Have user B get into a vehicle, have user B drive around the south part of the map
  3. Have user A shoot at user B whilst staying inside the vehicle
  4. Have user A enter a vehicle and begin to drive away
  5. Have user B chase user A
  6. After both users are in a car, take note of user B’s car clipping through the world’s geometry (Trees, lamps, etc.)
Why are the hours so late/early?

All projects are scheduled according to our clients’ needs. Because of the nature of the tests, they are run concurrently, regardless of time zone. This also means that dates can be pushed, times can be postponed, and test sessions may last longer than originally expected.

I still have the game from last session. Do I need to redownload it?

Yes, in general you should always be deleting the game at the end of each session, unless otherwise noted by your moderator.

I made a mistake while inputting my voucher code. What can I do?

Send an email to to let us know about the error.

My moderator hasn't added me to the Discord chat. What can I do?

Try to join the server at least 30 minutes before the start of the test. You do not need to add the moderator as a friend. If you’ve been on the server for at least 10 minutes and the test is about to start, don’t hesitate to PM your assigned moderator. Please do not immediately PM them upon joining. If that fails, please email

How can I find out more about becoming a moderator?

Thanks for your interest in taking the next step with GBTN! Please send an email to with the following subject line:

“[GBTN] Mod Application Inquiry – Your_GBTN_ID

Other Questions

Who can I talk to if I have other questions?

You can contact us at Be sure to include your GBTN ID (if applicable), the email you originally signed up with, and your name in the body of the email. If you’re contacting us about a specific project, make sure to include the project name and date.

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