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  • How VMC Delivers Value for Publishers

    Every developer hopes that their game will become a hit, but rapid success generates operational challenges. As your game gets bigger, it requires more work to properly support a growing audience. You and your team need to focus on what you're good at – growing the game's player base even further by adding more great content – so how can you also manage essential tasks like QA for updates, localization for global markets, and Live Game Operations to support your online community?

    Improving Your Process, Improving Your Results

    VMC provides fully-scalable solutions that efficiently manage the day-to-day Production Operations Support so you can focus on the development, marketing, and monetization of your game. VMC delivers the knowledge and transparency of an internal team of specialists combined with the flexibility and added value of outsourced services. We provide proven, multi-service expertise and support for every stage of development and production for games on any platform or device.

    Comprehensive QA:

    Customer loyalty depends on game reliability, so we offer exhaustive testing and QA services to ensure your game delivers a consistently rewarding experience:

    • Secure in-house testing for functionality, compatibility, compliance, automation, and usability at our dedicated onshore and near-shore facilities
    • Real-world performance testing through our Global Beta Test Network (GBTN), an exclusive, private network of thousands of testers around the world


    Fully managed, end-to-end localization solutions including translation, audio, QA, and full integration ensures a transparent, consistent, quality game experience for your players in every global market you target for release.

    Live Game Operations:

    Multi-channel support via phone, web, email, and social media to address everything from player account and in-game support to community management and moderation, enabling your Community Managers to focus on brand-building priorities.

    Increasing Agility and Accuracy

    With every content release, your goals are quality and time to market, two factors that can be compromised by the knowledge transfer process. The added complexity of utilizing multiple vendors not only slows your development process, it also increases your management time and reduces accuracy. Combining these services through VMC's managed services provides one point of contact, improving communication and efficiency at every stage of the project, in turn accelerating your development schedule.

    Effective QA, localization, and Live Game Operations can impact the player experience of your game as much as the game's design. VMC is the industry leader in Games Services, and our unrivaled experience across clients, genres, and devices enables us to work seamlessly with your internal teams to deliver a better experience for your players worldwide.


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