• How Can VMC's Live Game Operations Expand Your Brand? 

    Our industry is changing, with more and more companies communicating directly with their players in live, always-on games. This shift gives your studio much more control of your user experience and interaction with your game and brand. The key to taking advantage of this new opportunity is creating an efficient strategy that provides engaging support to your communities while also expanding and monetizing your player base. VMC's Live Game Operations (LGO) provides scalable solutions that enable our clients of all sizes to improve overall player satisfaction while increasing brand loyalty.

    VMC's Live Game Operations (LGO) services provide multi-channel support and policing functions that enable your internal high-value Community Managers to focus on the growth marketing and brand management of your player base while VMC expertly manages the day-to-day administration of your global community in all languages, including:

    Player Support:

    Efficient, effective assistance for account and billing issues, technical support, and general help for your players through live chat, phone, email, web, and social media channels.

    In-Game Support:

    Live, in-game player assistance, conduct policing, Game Mastering, and arbitration of issues in rule-based situations.

    Community Management:

    Moderation, policing, and monitoring of forums and social media as well as communication with players and compilation of FAQs/Knowledge Bases relating to updates, patches, or known issues.


    Tournament Management Services that enhance the experience for both players and spectators.

    Our multi-channel LGO specialists leverage the most effective Customer Support tools and metrics to provide services through whichever channels best suit your game and player needs. You can easily expand or contract your support as requirements change, all without having to assemble and maintain a large, dedicated internal team.

    Increase the Power of Your Production Process

    LGO Support can also be combined with our QA and localization services to create hybrid solutions that further increase efficiency and improve time to market. Your title can be lab-tested and localized, beta-tested with our worldwide network, and all known issues can be captured in a Knowledge Base which is then deployed to our LGO Support teams.

    VMC can further improve your production efficiency with LGO Support Representatives (LSR) who are trained in QA techniques and provide QA during pre-launch and support services post-launch. After launch, as new content releases approach, the QA need increases while Support needs diminish; when new content is released, the QA need reduces whilst the Support needs increase again. VMC's Hybrid QA/Support Representation Model provides economies of scale and efficiency by smoothing out the peaks and valleys of staff augmentation through these transitions.

    The shift to B2C communication has raised expectations of how players interact with your game and your brand. VMC's Development and Production Support expertise ensures your company consistently meets every expectation.