Support your players in real-time,
    without leaving the game

  • Live Game Operations

    Direct player engagement on every channel, including in-game

    Player Support

    Help for your players through live chat, phone, email, web, and social media channels


    In-Game Support

    Live, in-game player assistance, conduct policing, Game Mastering, and arbitration of issues in rule-based situations


    Community Management

    Forum and social media moderation. Creation of FAQs & Knowledge Bases relating to updates, patches, or known issues



    Tournament Management Services that enhance the experience for both players and spectators


    In-game support for players, by gamers

    VMC provides the technical expertise your players expect. Our prompt, solution-focused services deliver engaging player support and community management while expanding and monetizing your player base. VMC’s scalable solutions, based on COPC quality standards, leverage multi-channel, multi-lingual support to give you the flexibility to quickly adapt to your support needs, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure a consistent, quality user experience.

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