• How Can VMC’s Global Beta Test Network Improve Your Live Game Launch?

    You can thoroughly test your next release in a lab environment – but how can you be sure the game won't collapse when hundreds or even thousands of users login or attempt the same action simultaneously? You need to know your game won't crash under heavy use, and VMC's Global Beta Test Network (GBTN) is the only way to be certain it will perform in real-world situations.

    GBTN is VMC's exclusive, private community of thousands of beta testers, a global network that enables us to perform a range of testing on your titles in a live-play situation, including stress, usability, connection, match-making, and client-customized performance checks. VMC collaborates with you to create the specific test plan for your title, and our Beta Coordinators and Community Managers then coordinate the GBTN community network for simultaneous login and game play. The value this provides you goes beyond confirming proper game performance in a real-world situation. Our teams then compile all useable test data and feedback from the GBTN community and filter the information to provide you with the relevant, essential information you need to determine your readiness for release.

    Protecting Your IP is Our Top Priority

    Any beta testing requires a careful benefit/risk assessment, and these factors were key considerations when VMC developed our GBTN community. We take every possible action to ensure that your IP is secure. Every member of our community signs multiple non-disclosure agreements, our internal teams monitor all online channels for mentions of every game we manage, and we work with you to determine which game and technical features you want to include in the test version, from a teaser with limited content to a full version of the game. Test versions can then be immediately deactivated when the session is complete. And because we offer regular opportunities to test top new releases as well as many other activities, our community stays consistently engaged and compliant with all security requirements.

    We understand how essential IP protection is to you, and we are vigilant about delivering the assurance of global beta testing while minimizing every possible risk.

    Stress Testing is More than a QA Task – It's a Business Imperative

    QA services may not seem like a direct concern for Game Executives, but recent high-profile cases of online games failing upon release should change that. The quality of your QA has as much impact on the success of your game as any other factor. Lab testing is essential, but global beta testing services from VMC give you the peace of mind that your game will deliver a great experience when it's in the real world and in the hands of your customers.