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    Global Beta Test Network

  • Play AAA multiplayer console and PC titles
    before they're released

    Players don’t ordinarily get to test AAA titles before they’re released, but some games are going to be so big they need to be stress-tested by players all over the world. These aren’t MMOs—they’re AAA multiplayer console games everyone will be playing and talking about once they’re released. 

    VMC is giving qualified gamers the rare opportunity to play those games now. These paid jobs run on a weekly basis across all continents, where players are working from their own home throughout those sessions.

    We're constantly growing with new opportunities! Look out for our testing sessions featuring multimedia streaming platforms, mobile applications, and more!

    We need players who:  

    • Are at least 18 years old and will sign a non-disclosure agreement
    • Can focus well and follow instructions in a timely manner
    • Will maintain professional behavior at all times

    Apply now by completing the following survey:

    GBTN Application

    Important note: The only way to participate in the VMC GBTN is through the link above. If you are selected to participate in VMC Consulting’s GBTN you will be contacted by a @vmc.com email address. Remember there is only one leader in Global Beta Testing and there is NEVER a fee to join. So remember, unless you are contacted by an @vmc.com email address you are not part of the community.

    Questions about the Global Beta Test Network?

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