VMC helps deliver your customers a great game experience

Testing & QA

Testing & QA services to ensure consistent performance across platforms, configurations, and geographies, including in-depth reporting that delivers actionable insights about your game. Services include functional, compatibility, interoperability, and compliance testing across 450 device types and 5,000 configurations.  >>

Global Beta Test Network

Test your games using an exclusive community of 25,000 players worldwide to help ensure launch success. GBTN combines the best of open beta, private network, and facility-based testing to provide structured testing in a true retail environment. GBTN supports all major game platforms, including mobile and VR.  >>

Live Game Operations

Improve player experiences to increase loyalty with Live Game Operations (LGO) services. VMC provides multi-channel expertise on a global platform that supports players via phone, web, email, and social media to address player account support, in-game assistance, community management, eSports services, and more.


Localization services managed by native speakers to ensure a consistent game experience across languages, including translations, editing, audio production, and localization QA. Projects include style guides to capture unique tones, and a glossary to ensure consistency from all linguists working on the project.  >>

Intel Game Developer Program

VMC is an official partner of the Intel Game Developer Program, which helps developers optimize games to take advantage of Intel technology. VMC provides testing and certification using Intel’s tools and methodologies to determine the performance and usability of games on Intel Core Processors.

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