• Custom Software Development Lets You Do Business Your Way 

    You shouldn’t have to adjust the way you do business to accommodate your software, but that’s what many out-of-the-box solutions require. VMC reveals the real power and value of your software by customizing it to the way you do business. 

    VMC designs, builds, and deploys custom web and mobile applications and enterprise solutions designed to simplify how you do business and improve your results.  We specialize in architecture assessments, solution design, and development with a core focus on .NET applications, Windows Azure, and Office 365. Our expertise includes Java, C#, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PHP, Ruby, HTTP, JavaScript, and more.  

    Using onshore and offshore development and support teams, driven by Leads and Developers who are certified within their practice areas, VMC provides 24x7 services in these primary areas:  

    Portals & Collaboration

    • Dashboard Development
    • Process Improvement/Workflow
    • Rapid Prototyping

    Web Applications

    • Portal Usability
    • Responsive Design (PC, Tablet, Mobile)
    • Mobile Apps
    • Enterprise Applications
    • Line of Business Applications

    Enterprise Applications

    • Cloud Consulting
    • Office365 Consulting  
    • Cloud Application Development

      Your business is different than other companies, so why should you settle for solutions that treat you like everyone else?

  • Case Studies

    Custom Application Development Streamlines a Resource-Straining Process for This Industrial Manufacturer’s Finance Team

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    Automated Travel Letter Quadruples Capacity, Cuts Response Time

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    Test Automation Expertise Improved QA Speed and Efficiency

    Download the Case Study

    Automation Maintains Intellectual Property Security

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