• VMC Developed a Help Desk Triage Tool that Accelerated and Improved this Client's Technical Support Process


    Customer Profile

    Global software manufacturer



    Business Challenge

    Improve triage process in order to accelerate technical support response time

    VMC Solution

    Designed and deployed automation script to work within clients existing CRM system that reduced triage time, freed up critical resources, and improved response time.





    Reduction in tech support triage process



    Improvement in response time to customers



    Reduction in resources dedicated to triage


    Case Study

    VMC Developed a Help Desk Triage Tool that Accelerated and Improved this Client's Technical Support Process

    The Challenge

    One of the world's leading software companies engaged VMC to manage the Technical Support for multiple product lines. The team worked onsite at the client facility handling web-based support cases submitted by end-users. When the web cases entered the case management database queue they required a manual assessment process to be completed by the VMC triage team. Once the case was assessed and fields were updated for proper routing to the appropriate team, the case was then transferred to a trained technical specialist. This manual triage process took an average of eight minutes per case and required a total of 25 team members to keep pace with the volume of new cases. Because the triage team members required training for technical support but were focused on the more administrative triage tasks, response time on customer submittals averaged four days. VMC proactively sought to improve triage efficiency in order to better utilize the skills of the support team and accelerate resolution of customer requests.

    VMC Solution

    The VMC team carefully analyzed the information in the support requests and recognized an opportunity to implement an automation tool that would assess the incoming requests based on predetermined criteria. First, the team determined a baseline for the number of resources handling the administrative triaging tasks and the accuracy rate of cases being forwarded to the correct resource. With the baseline established, tool functionality was designed based on cost, timeline to implementation, and long-term support and management of the tool. The team then collaborated to create a script to run within the client's CRM system to automatically review incoming requests and simplify the triage process while maintaining process accuracy and SLA performance. When the script was completed and demonstrated success, it was approved and adopted by the client.

    The Results

    Deploying the automation script had a positive impact for the entire tech support team, the client, and end-users. One push of a button ran the script and efficiently filtered the support request so that average triage time was reduced from eight minutes to two minutes while maintaining the same level of routing accuracy. The reduction in triage time enabled VMC to shrink the triage team headcount from 25 people to 12 people, and reassignment of these extra resources to focus on resolving the support cases resulted in a 50% improvement in response time from first customer contact to support team response, from four days down to two days. Because of the positive impact of the tool on VMC's support service, the client requested VMC train its internal teams as well as other third-party support providers on how to use the tool most efficiently in order to improve service companywide. VMC continues to manage the tool and make minor adjustments as business needs require, and the client remains completely satisfied with the results.


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