• Developing this Client’s Quality Performance Monitoring Tool Delivers 100% Compliance with COPC® Service Standards


    Customer Profile

    Global mobile device manufacturer



    Business Challenge

    Develop transaction monitoring process to improve agent performance tracking and training

    VMC Solution

    Create customized tool to track transaction monitoring sessions while working seamlessly with client’s call center technology



    Calls monitored


    Compliance for COPC Certification


    Agent quality performance scores, up 23% with new tool

    Case Study

    Developing this Client’s Quality Performance Monitoring Tool Delivers 100% Compliance with COPC® Service Standards

    While providing Customer Care services for this client, a Fortune 500 mobile device manufacturer, the VMC team wanted to gather comprehensive performance metrics for the 700+ agents working at the site. Because the client’s internal call processing software did not include features to track transaction monitoring sessions, there was no reliable method of consistently observing and quantifying the performance quality of customer care representatives. VMC determined that developing and incorporating a customized Quality Performance Monitoring Tool was essential to improving reporting metrics, operational efficiency, and measuring end-to-end service quality.

    The target goals were determined for compliance using the Quality and Calibration Service Level Metrics (SLMs) established by COPC®, the industry’s leading benchmark for service quality and efficiency. COPC® standards require meeting 95% quality metrics on three unique monitoring sessions for each agent per month, with additional training and monitoring sessions required when any agent fails to meet the key performance indicators. The quality metrics are defined by a range of service performance factors, including courtesy, empathy, professionalism, appropriateness, eligibility of supplied information, respect for callers, respect for competitors, and more.

    The project incorporated two distinct components: establishing a metrics management process for consistently measuring service quality to ensure accurate data capture, and creating a customized online tool to comprehensively track and report performance for individuals, teams, and facilities.

    The Transaction Monitoring and Calibration Processes

    In order to consistently rank agent and leadership quality, and because monitoring and ranking could be done by anyone on the Quality and Leadership team, VMC created training programs to synchronize the monitoring and calibration processes. Then to establish reliable baselines, random calls were analyzed and scored by subject matter experts (SMEs). The goal of both the individual and group sessions is to ensure that quality performance expectations and metric goals are being met and proactive action plans are implemented to maintain goals.

    Designing the Tool

    For the tool design process, VMC analyzed the COPC® SLMs and created a user-friendly interface that would enable consistent real-time tracking of all performance factors. Because each category might have multiple attributes, the tool was created to easily enable capture of precise details in order to identify opportunities for quality and training improvements. The extended value for the project was the tool’s capability for exhaustive parsing and reporting of all captured data, allowing any manager to get real-time performance information and to create charts and graphs to show trending among their team and specifically by agent, QA Analyst, and leadership to track any facility-wide issues and successes.


    In the first 12 months after implementation of the tool, VMC went far beyond COPC® requirements, monitoring 80,000 customer calls and delivering 100% compliance for its COPC® certification, a level achieved by only two companies prior to VMC, both with less than 50 employees compared to VMC’s 700+. The comprehensive tracking available through the Quality Performance Monitoring Tool enabled the client to measure service and quality on each product supported and specific scores on every attribute of the evaluation and captured an agent performance quality increase from 75% to 92%, a 23% improvement. Evidence of both performance levels and compliance with monitoring levels, training, fail and success rates, and action plans are available to COPC® auditors at any time.

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