• VMC Development of a Technical Support Tool Improves Contact Center Performance


    Customer Profile

    Global software manufacturer



    Business Challenge

    Assess, repair, and enhance the client's self-diagnosing tool to improve results and adoption

    VMC Solution

    Dedicated VMC team diagnosed and addressed issues with existing tool, accelerated response time, improved tool results, and provided essential documentation and training

    Case Study

    VMC Development of a Technical Support Tool Improves Contact Center Performance

    The Challenge

    The client, one of the world's largest software companies, developed an innovative self-diagnosing tool that served two essential functions: enabling customers to automatically fix common problems, and gathering information to help their support team more quickly resolve complex issues. The goal was to better manage support resources by deflecting customer contact from users whose issues didn't require the skills of a support engineer. The tool's initial deployment was undermined by significant performance issues that negatively impacted adoption by both end-users and support teams. The client needed to quickly engage qualified specialists to make code changes to correct required functionality and develop enhancements based on user feedback. They asked VMC to provide the resources to implement the necessary changes.

    VMC Solution

    VMC immediately dedicated existing employees with developer knowledge to the project, who already knew the support side of the product and processes, and had hands-on experience with the initial diagnostic tool. To increase the adoption rate of an improved tool from internal users, the VMC team met with them to learn how they used it, recommendations of improvements, including needed features and unnecessary features that would not be utilized. This resulted in reducing the money needed for the valuable improvements.

    VMC's team members performed a complete triage of the tool's issues, categorizing and prioritizing all outstanding rule submissions. The team then began to design and write specifications against the rules, thoroughly organizing the existing internal rules site to ensure quality reporting. The team also managed the large initiative of implementing code from multiple products to create a log parser that would enable each engineer to efficiently parse through multiple troubleshooting log file types.

    The Results

    When the dedicated team started, the packages being utilized, were so large that they took a long time for support team members and end-users to run. This team was tasked with separating the code into multiple smaller, more targeted packages specific to software products, improving the speed and efficiency of package deployment as well as the quality of the results. As the packages were designed, written, and released, the team continued to gather user feedback to further refine the packages, especially those used for deep technical issues handled by escalation engineers.

    The VMC team also addressed the significant documentation and training materials required for the redesigned tool, writing numerous Knowledge Base articles explaining how the tool functioned, how to use the parsing tools to analyze the data, and what information would be returned. As new packages were released and documentation was distributed, the real value of the diagnostic tool was demonstrated and the adoption rate grow, finally delivering the streamlined support process the tool was designed to accomplish.

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