• VMC's Expertise Improves Technical Support Performance and Visibility


    Customer Profile

    Global manufacturer of wireless and storage hardware



    Business Challenge

    Inability to measure and improve technical support performance and customer satisfaction

    VMC Solution

    Implement and manage high-performing technical support center with comprehensive performance measurement.



    increase in SLA performance


    reduction in abandoned calls


    increase in quality results

    Case Study

    VMC Developed a Help Desk Triage Tool that Accelerated and Improved this Client's Technical Support Process

    The Challenge

    This global manufacturer of wireless and cloud storage technology was outsourcing their end-user technical support, but their existing vendor was not meeting minimal service level expectations and couldn't provide metrics on call volume, customer satisfaction, or consistent documentation of their support team's productivity and performance. The company sought a new technical support partner, and selected VMC based on VMC's clear plan for effectively managing the technical support and incorporating in-depth Business Intelligence for customer satisfaction measurement.

    VMC Solution

    VMC's implementation team met with key client stakeholders to create a two-tiered implementation plan for five product lines to be managed by the technical support team. VMC then assembled a deployment team to create and manage a support center designed to meet COPC customer service standards, with the client handling initial product support training before quickly shifting those responsibilities to VMC's training resources.

    The initial implementation addressed client challenges on multiple fronts: establishing best-practice standards for all support specialists,; creating and deploying a skill-based routing process to efficiently direct support issues to the proper resources in order to accelerate resolution time; establishing client-approved service level agreements (SLAs) for support response times; designing a Customer Satisfaction survey to measure service level performance; developing a Knowledge Base tool that accelerated issue resolution based on previous support activity. As the team began delivering technical support, VMC adjusted the staffing levels to match the volume peaks and lulls of both email and phone support and to address the backlog of support issues inherited from the previous vendor.

    With key performance indicators measured at every step, VMC developed comprehensive monthly reports and scorecards that documented number of incidents, average response time, average resolution time, first-call resolution rates, and all other essential information, itemized for each of the client's product lines. In addition, VMC improved communication with client through regular business reviews that enabled timely discussion of performance and recommendations.

    The Results

    Using best-practice strategies and efficient technologies to maintain appropriate support staff, collect customer information, improve the support knowledgebase, and manage incoming support requests, VMC delivered on all of the client's performance goals while reducing overall costs through process efficiency. Moreover, VMC's in-depth business intelligence gathering provided comprehensive visibility of all support activity. In the first six months of VMC's management of the client's tech support, the abandoned call rate was reduced by 81%, SLA performance increased 132%, and there was an increase of 19% in quality results, exceeding monthly goals for six consecutive months.

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