• Flexible, Effective Contact Center Solutions

    When your product hits the market, a new phase of its life begins: consumer support. Because the quality of your customer care can be just as critical to future purchases as product performance, it’s essential that your support team provides the same level of precision and expertise that you put into making it. That’s what you get from VMC.

    We specialize in serving as a seamless extension of your company, collaborating with you to define the voice of your business and deliver the swift, accurate, first-contact resolution you and your customers expect. From help desk inquiries to advanced technical support, VMC maintains and extends the consumer relationships you’ve worked to build.

    • Scalable solutions for businesses of all size, from growing start-ups to industry leaders
    • Multi-channel support via phone, web, live chat, and social media
    • Rapid ramp-up and downsizing to quickly adapt to your support volume at release and ongoing
    • Certified by COPC®, the most rigorous test of customer care standards, with the goal of improving service and reducing costs through operational efficiency
    • Multilingual specialists enable expanded coverage while controlling headcount
    • Relevant, real-time metrics to track service performance and customer satisfaction
    • Support provided on-site at your business or at one of our dedicated facilities in Texas, Washington, New Mexico, and Montreal.

    Providing Measurable Value for Your Customers – and for Your Business

    Great service can change a transactional event into a long-term opportunity. People develop relationships with their favorite companies, and their loyalty to those brands goes much deeper than appreciation of the product. VMC’s rigorous training process helps you capitalize on this opportunity by assembling a team of specialists who will clearly communicate how your customers will get the most benefit from your products. We collaborate closely with you to provide exceptional service for:

    Contact Center Support

    Single or multi-tier support expertise from specialists trained to efficiently and effectively represent your product line and coordinated as a team to accelerate resolution of customer inquiries and increase product satisfaction. 

    Product Extension and Renewal

    For many apps, devices, and products, the initial purchase is just the start of the revenue opportunity. VMC specializes in conveying the value of warranties, subscriptions, renewals, upgrades, and accessories to your customers.  

    The people who respond to your customers – by phone, email, live chat, social media and across the web – are the voice of your company.

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