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    Make informed decisions with data


    Make informed decisions with the right data


    Optimize and improve your product lifecycle

    Predict Risks

    Understand the risks--and the alternatives

    Insights from data and experience

    Insightful business decisions require understanding where things break down and which factors contribute to success. Your device, app, or platform produces scores of unstructured data that VMC can help transform into insights. VMC provides our clients the same data-centric approach we use with our services. Data visualizations and dashboards help you see the risks and opportunities before deciding on your strategy.

    Our approach to

    Data Analysis


    Business Analytics

    Our holistic approach to data analysis focuses on what the data says, not on pushing preconceived ideas about the data. Special attention is paid early on to describing the data and capturing the interplay between different data attributes. This process uses methods from statistics, social network analysis, machine learning, and visualization techniques – all areas where VMC'S subject matter experts bring extensive and differentiating experience.