• Discover How Your Company Can Do More with VMC

    VMC provides proven QA, customer care, localization, and development for innovative companies in a range of industries. We have a simple approach to our business: focus on what we do best, and do it better than any of our competitors. This focus has made us a trusted partner for many of the world's leading consumer electronics and media and entertainment companies – and it's the reason you should investigate how VMC can make a positive impact for your business.

    We partner with companies of all sizes to get better products to market faster and deliver exceptional support for every stage of the product lifecycle. Our scalable, strategic outsourcing services are customized to the way you work, enabling you to concentrate on your core business while VMC enhances and improves your operational agility, efficiency, and productivity.

    Quality is our Company Culture

    VMC is committed to excellence – our performance, our partnerships, and our employees are driven by it. Our core values include:

    Provide phenomenal customer experience

    The real measure of our success is the success of our clients, so we strive to deliver solutions that make a difference for the companies we serve. That's one of the reasons more than 90% of VMC's business is repeat business.

    Deliver high quality performance

    Great results are the responsibility of every employee. We empower our team members to identify every opportunity for improvement, and incorporate quality methodologies such as Six Sigma, ITIL, and COPC to ensure unsurpassed service in everything we do.

    Drive innovation

    Innovation is a mindset. We encourage communication, education, and creativity at every level of our company because the way we've always done something may not be the best way to do it today. We are always looking for better approaches in our pursuit of better results.

    Foster collaboration

    For any project or program, more ideas means more options, so we actively promote collaboration with our clients and our employees. After all, we are all working toward the same goal, and collaboration is essential to achieving the best results.

    Be fiscally responsible

    At VMC, we love great ideas and great products, but we never forget that good business is defined by the bottom line. We make sound business decisions by carefully assessing needs, setting priorities, and allocating resources to best benefit our clients and our partnerships.

    So what does "VMC" stand for?

    When we started in 1999, it stood for Volt Management Consulting, but as we expanded our services, that name ceased to capture what we did. Now we just go by the acronym, a name that stands for exceptional service and excellent results.