COPC Issue Brief

  • What is COPC?

    The COPC® Family of Standards is a collection of performance management systems that enable businesses to measure and improve operational activities that support the customer experience. Since 1996, COPC has been a high-performance benchmark for customer-based service operations. At its foundation is a family of four standards: CSP for internal operations, VMO for vendor management organizations, OSP for outsourced operations, and HSP for healthcare companies. Intermediary users of the COPC Family of Standards have reported reduced cost, improved revenue, improved service and quality, and increased customer satisfaction.

    Established in 2011, the COPC Outsourced Service Provider (OSP) Standard was designed to meet the specific needs of third-party service providers, addressing unique requirements like end-user needs, sales and business development, and managing client relationships. OSPs and internal CSPs provide services to end-users on behalf of clients; as such, it is vital that clients trust the strength of customer interactions conducted on their behalf. When service and quality improve, customer satisfaction improves and costs decrease.

    Why Does It Matter?

    COPC creates stringent guidelines for customer interaction. In a customer contact center, COPC certification means that companies have been evaluated on service (the speed of the interaction from the customer’s perspective) and quality (whether the transaction was handled correctly on the first attempt). CSPs are analyzed using a series of performance factors called Key Customer Related Processes (KCRPs), which utilize metrics like speed of answer, abandonment rate, escalation rate/accuracy, contact resolution, sales, volume, and CSS utilization to analyze service. This ensures that common contact center problems, like attrition/absenteeism, abandoned calls, and critical errors, are addressed early on.

    As one of the world’s most recognizable and widely-used performance management systems, COPC provides widely known and easily understood operational guidelines for internal and outsourced CSPs. Anyone can say they’re the best; only those with COPC certification can back that claim up with facts.

    Why VMC?

    VMC is one of just 16 North American organizations certified by COPC – and one of just a few dozen international organizations certified within the OSP standards. With COPC certification, VMC provides clients with customer satisfaction that holds up to unbiased, independent review.

    The aim of any customer service interaction is First Contact Resolution. By balancing the speed of your customer care with higher rates of efficiency and accuracy, your organization can achieve high performance in every area of your contact center.

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